"It thundered so much that it rained"


Dear minister, we are very sorry to have to tell you but... no one was scandalized!

His "no" to the question "Do we have an acceptable level of defense?" was banal. The water isn't even hot, maybe lukewarm.

He can do better. Even in respect (and in respect) of the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who, after what ("very spontaneously") was shown on various channels (including hers), she risks being branded to aeternum as "table football".

After a year and a half of substantial silence, interrupted only by a single press conference to announce Nave's dispatch last autumn Volcano (auxiliary unit for logistical support) in Egypt for medical aid and subsequent evacuation from Gaza of people in difficulty (including innocent wounded Palestinians), we therefore note a certain loquacity of his in the last period (see video).

Having a minister who has spent a lifetime in the world of weapons (and related affairs) would certainly allow his expertise to be used to promote better knowledge of the military world.

Would it be necessary? Certainly, because we all still remember the smug smile of those who boasted of "give up the purchase of 5 rifles to send 5 soldiers to the rear to talk about peace”. However, trying to instill fear or just trying to cause a stir to get people to accept the huge (and belated) expenses for the defense of "democracy, peace and freedom" is a mistake.

I'll explain some of the reasons... That we didn't have an "acceptable level of defense" is also known by the little dogs on a leash who, passing through Via XX Settembre, (piratically) express their opinion on the façade of the Ministry. I am speaking specifically about them because they obviously do not read the specialized newspapers - the truly independent ones - which for decades have been raising alarms about the merciless conditions of our armed forces.

Perhaps in these days he once again wanted to impersonate the politician who speaks and tells things like they are? Like when, last year, he publicly and meritoriously admitted that “we have armed forces modeled on peacekeeping".

Let's also remember the obvious fake news, January when he denied having commented in the Defense Commission that the Navy had "only 63 missiles" available. The thought of all Italians (no one excluded) was absolutely not "Alone???", it was "But imagine... even 63!!! We thought much less."

Since in Italy the political class is now a minority with an absolute majority of fellow citizens who no longer vote and a large portion who still do so (sometimes with effort and pain) "holding their noses"... don't bring up the term democracy.

In a true democracy citizens have the right to ask questions, in a false one the subjects are "granted" interviews and answers. Oops! Precisely the final word of the interview that he used to try to sow... let's say "willingness to sacrifice"?

In the military field, for too long, "communication" has been negligently confused with "propaganda". In short, the mandrakate, as someone who knows e well would say to whom he gave a really nice Easter gift, “They don't know how to do them!”.

Then try to "inform". If you ask how, and you answer “With Guido's Diary?”, the answer is NEGATIVE!

Answer questions from citizens, starting with those with a microphone (“fake beards” excluded).

We have been emphasizing the need for one for years weekly press conference of Defense (read the articles Italy is in fact at war: will the "Leopards" defend us? e France honors our military chief of defense. Does Italy risk positive examples?), you know this well too (reread the articles Dear minister, don't give a damn and set an example… e Minister Crosetto speaks! And well...)! You replicate what for other European citizens, starting with the (Zak!) French, is a RIGHT.

Therefore, accept the appeal that we have been making for years to the occupants of Via XX Settembre (including you), but do not do so by pursuing the habit of "giving" or making "giving" the floor to the more stooping and complacent colleagues, perhaps "selected" and with pre-agreed or, worse, pre-ordained questions.

I greet you with a proverb, Arabic if I'm not mistaken, which teaches: "When God vuole punish us, granteour wishes". By dint of talking out of turn about "democracy"... one day it could really come true!

Andrea Cucco

Images: X (the social network once known as "Twitter")