Minister Crosetto speaks! And well...

(To Andrea Cucco)

Press Conference by Minister Crosetto on Wednesday 8 November at 14.00 pm.

The news? First of all the Press Conference itself!!!

Then the announcement of Nave's departure Volcano towards Palestine.

The unit left the Port of Civitavecchia today for Cyprus where it will rejoin the Italian ships already present in the area ("San Giusto", "Fasan", "Margottini" and "Thaon di Revel") currently engaged in Operation "Mediterranean safe" and from there it will be ready to be deployed where its use is deemed most suitable.

The "Nave Vulcano" unit, thanks to its logistical support capabilities and the hospital area (Role 2 on board), with which it is equipped, including clinics, diagnostic instruments and operating rooms, will strengthen the healthcare capabilities of the device already present in area and will also guarantee the transport of additional essential materials and medicines.

The ship, with a crew of over 170 sailors, of which approximately 30 are employed in the healthcare facility, including 2 volunteer nurses from the Red Cross, once completed the preparation phases, left today to leave Italian waters.

Ssubsequently, as soon as the planning and preparation phases are completed, the defense general staff will send joint medical personnel (i.e. also from the Army, Air Force and Carabinieri) to the area with a military flight. Specifically, they are: 3 anesthetists, 2 surgeons, 1 orthopedist, 8 critical care/resuscitation nurses, 3 instrumental nurses, 8 nurses, 1 radiology technician and 2 biologists.

Great news for a good mission.

However, what thrilled us was the step finally taken by the minister: by his own admission (02'06" of the video) he was there first Press Conference!

For those who signed theumpteenth Multiannual Defense Policy Document in which it is hoped thatumpteenth growth of a "Defense Culture" in Italy, It's serious that it took a year to decide to speak publicly also responding, with great availability, to all questions from colleagues present. Gravity aggravated by having demonstrated (if ever there was any need) of be fully capable of responding with clarity and competence.

Now, we have witnessed the first performance of the long awaited institutional manager who finally breaks the rubber wall between citizens, in uniform and not?

We trust that one Weekly Defense Press Conference, as happens in Paris (do Revolutions help?), may soon become a "ritual" in Italy too.

Otherwise, we will have to resign ourselves to having witnessed the memorable performance of a minister... "Paganini"?

Photo: Difesa Online / Ministry of Defense