The military unions become fully operational and representative

(To Andrea Cucco)

The decree of the Minister for Public Administration, the Hon., was published today in the Official Journal. Paolo Zangrillo, in agreement with the Minister of Defense, the Hon. Guido Crosetto and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, with whom the Professional Associations of a Trade Union Character among Military Personnel (APCSM) become fully operational and representative of the personnel of the Armed Forces, the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza. The APCSM replace the military representation, created in 1978 and divided into the Central Representative Council (Co.Ce.R.), Intermediate Representative Council (Co.IR) and Basic Representative Council (Co.Ba.R.).

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the past and current members of the Military Representation Bodies for the commitment and work carried out in recent years. In particular, the interforce Co.Ce.R. has played an important role in ensuring a dialogue open and fruitful between the authorities and representatives of the military. I recognize the significant contribution to improving the conditions of the men and women in uniform who represent the backbone of our organization".

Minister Crosetto also wished the nascent Professional Associations to be able to carry out their activities in a profitable and constructive way: 
"Good work to the professional trade union associations among the military. I hope for a frank, open and constructive collaborative relationship" and then added "Defense is the prerequisite for the existence of democracy, peace and freedom. Italy has extraordinary Armed Forces made up of quality personnel, accustomed to working in all conditions; today, however, we need to be able to do even more; important work awaits us and we must do it together! Soon I will personally meet the Co.Ce.R. Interforces for a farewell and thanks, and the representative APCSM, to lay the foundations for a fruitful dialogue".

There are 20 acronyms that have exceeded the representative threshold established by law and will have the task of protecting the collective interests of members of the Armed Forces. 

Thus Minister Guido Crosetto in a Defense press note.


Online Defense congratulates Minister Crosetto for the enthusiasm and esteem declared (even today) towards the personnel in service. Certain of her approval of the initiative Democratic, will soon inaugurate a new section dedicated to trade union representatives on the newspaper page and on its YouTube channel.

Returning to the words of the minister: long live the Italian Defense, "prerequisite of democracy, medium-high pace e freedom"!