Backchannels and fireworks: US mediation behind Iranian retaliation on Israel?

(To Andrea Cucco)

How to announced by the Iranian regime the announced retaliation for the (not announced) attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 1 April 2024 which led to the death of several people, including members of the Revolutionary Guards, such as General Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

Panic, characteristic of those who have not yet understood the ABC of the ongoing world war, seems to affect everyone... except those directly involved. “Escalation?”, “disproportionate reaction?”, “reprisals?”, “Russia?”, “China?”, “Italy?”, the fear seems to infect a large audience.

Tehran's attack appears to have been a demonstration attack for propaganda purposes with methods and times that comfortably allowed the interception of almost all launched drones and missiles.

I am indirectly confirmed even by the words of our foreign minister who, faced with the attack, said that his Iranian colleague (one day before the intervention) had assured him that no Italian soldier would get hurt.


To publicize the intervention against Israel, the Islamic Republic news agency (IRNA) used a photo of the US Army from 2021. We do not know what the meaning is among those involved, however discussions have been ongoing between Tehran and Washington which - let's remember - immediately distanced itself from the attack in Syria (!).

A clear message has been sent since the Iranian information channel certainly has no shortage of archive images with its own missiles.

Will there therefore be an immediate and disproportionate reaction?

Israelis have a "slight" propensity not to forget offenses, however what some Sunday commentators fear is unlikely to happen. There will be no retaliation for a "staging" and Israel will not give up its greatest ally in Iran, the anti-regime protest, to indulge a media Barnum Circus with emotional spectators.

We fear what we don't know and what we are unable to face. It's time to become, if not serious, then grown-ups.

The geopolitical cards, like it or not, seem firmly in Washington's hands.

Photo: IRNA / US DoD