Dear minister, don't give a damn and set an example…

(To Andrea Cucco)

Dear Minister Guido Crosetto, some controversies are mounting following your decision to form a "committee for the development and enhancement of defense culture".

As far as I learn from newspapers like the Republic, he said he selected academics, journalists, economists and expert communicators because " a renewed and complex geopolitical framework, the perception of the national military instrument with respect to the past will have to change. It should be disclosed that investments in research and development in the sector are fruitful not only for the Defense under the dual profile of the operation of the military instrument and industrial development, but also for the country system in terms of increased employment levels, overall development of the industrial system, of technological leadership, of increased growth and therefore of revenues"1.

The names he seems to have indicated for what some have defined as his personal Think Tank (without compensation), from Grasso to Riotta, from Buttafuoco to Anselmi, are unquestionably professionals of the highest level and experience. However, allow me a few observations…

The improvement of the "military culture" in Italy is a mantra which is repeated by every minister and, in practice, regularly denied…

Why? Because, in the end, the only thing that seems to interest the political (but also military) leaders is to avoid the annoyances that derive from working in a field of which there is no understanding at the popular level, or rather that "culture" which would like to spread.

"Developing and valuing" something that exists is commendable, doing it on something that is completely missing is useless. An effective "culture of defense" in our country is in fact absent, therefore multiplying a value that is in fact zero by ten, by a thousand or a million will always give the same result: ZERO!

The team she now has at her disposal will allow her to "amplify" something she will have to Law make from zero, a zero point.

Since you know about armaments, I'll give you a simple example. Italy is a real bomb in terms of capacity, however without the small flame caused by a fuze, the whole structure will always be absolutely inert.

At all levels, the Italian military and industrial world downloads every initiative to take (and related responsibility) at the political summit. The semi-paralysis we are witnessing today is the result of this conduct.

So be it Law to virtuously trigger an entire country. As? Throw your heart beyond the obstacle of fears, criticisms, derision, possible mistakes and put yourself on the line!

Openings, for example, as happens every Thursday afternoon in Paris, one weekly defense press conference in which citizens (through the press) can raise their hand and do what in his dicastery it has always been feared worse than the plague: a free question! Answer and/or get the military of our Republic to answer (within the limits of the possible obviously); allow them to show a world that, frankly, neither you nor I will ever be able to understand and explain as well as they...

Face yourself and also accept any embarrassment from others! What's important is that are in good faith: As humans, we are not infallible. Do you have any idea how many careers have been built by avoiding risks and standing still in the shadows? It's time for a change.

Finally, don't "concede" and teach not to "concede" interviews, we are citizens of a Republic, not subjects: responding is an institutional duty, not grace.

In these first months of office, he has seemed particularly sensitive to attacks, criticisms and controversies. she will say “Boja fàuss, who can appreciate them?!”

If he knows he's on the right side, don't care and tell what you deem necessary for the good of the country. Without artifice, because you communicate even when you delude yourself that you don't...

You will see that progressively, with a courageous and determined example, with or without aid, a real "culture of defense" will finally begin to spread.


Photo: Ministry of Defense