In memory of General Paolo Inzerilli

(To Maria Grazia Labellarte)

He was satisfied with what he had done and had in the period of the Alpine hat and for the 17 years as 007. He was not very happy with what happened to him from the summer of '90 onwards, the aftermath of which continued.

Thus ended a long interview that I had the opportunity to do, years ago, with enthusiasm. A feeling that everyone who met him (and who loves the history of our country) perceived within him.

Former head of SM del Sismi, consultant to Mitrokhin Commission, deus ex machine of the operation Gladio, a secret structure created by the CIA and NATO during the Cold War. The general was a true Italian, his personal dignity remained intact, while the judicial one arrived in 2001, when the Court of Assizes of Rome definitively ruled in conformity with the judgment already expressed in the report of the Parliamentary Committee for services and information on security and state secrets of 4 March 1992, the full lawfulness and legitimacy of the structure of the Italian network Stay behind (cit. Mirko Crocoli Codename Gladio). What he captured was the human side of him, the extraordinary military preparation and sense of strategic analysis, steadfast in the defense of democratic values ​​and national security.

His humanity was noble, that flavor of the past and his commitment to defending the fundamental values ​​of democracy and immutable national security. An irreproachable man and an example for anyone who has worked or is working for the safety and good of our country.

Hello General!