France honors our military chief of defense. Does Italy risk positive examples?

(To Andrea Cucco)

The Chief of Staff of the Italian Defense, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, yesterday met his French colleague, General Thierry Burkhard.

The press release released by Via XX Settembre reports:

The objective of the meeting was the strengthening and expansion of the cooperation relations between the two staffs and the signing of the framework document for bi-lateral cooperation between Italy and France (ITA - FRA Military Cooperation Framework), descending from the Treaty of Quirinale.

"It was an important day for our Armed Forces and for our defense: we signed a document of strategic importance, the Military Cooperation Framework, or rather the conceptual framework within which the future areas of collaboration between France and Italy will develop." Admiral Cavo Dragone declared at the end of the meeting.

The two chiefs of defense (CHOD) also discussed the situation in the Sahel, a region of strategic importance for the security of the Mediterranean area; the strategic compass of the European Union, to which both nations want to give substance in the shortest possible time; finally, they addressed an important issue for the strategic concept of NATO, which according to the two Chiefs of Staff needs a revision for a more structured approach that takes into account not only the three traditional operational domains, land, sea and air, but also of the cyber, space and cognitive.

In discussing Difesa with a French one should listen and learn 90%. Before dealing with maximum systems, such as the "cognitive domain", why don't we start from the ABC and - as happens in Paris and in the light of the Quirinale Treaty - even our Defense does not organize a simple weekly press conference?

Of course, like in Paris questions should no longer be asked in advance, like in Paris unwanted ones could no longer be filtered out, like in Paris we could involve hundreds of journalists electronically. On the other hand - in Rome ... - we should remember that we are still "Savoy" subjects, sons of a defeat and not - like in Paris - proud republicans heirs of a Revolution ...

However, it could be a small start, probably strongly opposed (not being flatus vocis on the crap but of civil rights) by the political minister on duty. The honor of officer of the Legion of Honor, delivered yesterday to Admiral Cavo Dragone by General Thierry Burkhard, could at that point really not shine only with its own light.

Photo: Ministry of Defense