“Luckily Italians still don't study history”?

(To Andrea Cucco)

This must be Moscow's thought when faced with yet another political rift regarding military support for Ukraine.

Beyond the ritual quackery of "statesmen" who work backwards on every measure (so to speak White they say black, if you say a little they say too, if you say Yup they say No.), or even the shared antipathy for a country like Ukraine, whose affinity with European culture in terms of legality and rights is at least... "questionable", our ignorance of history could be real.

In December 1939 the League of Nations expelled the Soviet Union - with infamy - for the occupation of Poland and Finland.

YET, well before the Germans arrived on the outskirts of Moscow, Western countries (mainly the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom) initiated massive support for Stalin in terms of: military supplies, economic assistance, information and intelligence.

Had the Soviet Union changed in a couple of years? Absolutely not. The aid played a role, however crucial role in the defeat of the Axis: the Soviets put in the blood (which still flowed copiously even without war), the Allies put in a lot of the vehicles and ammunition.

Without that initiative, today the world would speak German (Italian third language, optional). Like it or not, holding your nose or not, Ukraine must therefore be supported. And let's say it clearly: to continue the war in order to obtain a future Peace! The one immediately following the closing of the taps in Kiev would only be the cause of greater violence towards us in the Global War already started.

Respect for territorial sovereignty is a question of principle, as much as that of self-determination that this same newspaper defended in Donbass until February 24, 2022.

Of course, this is unless political sabotage serves to justify the occupation of Taiwan announced by the real winner (for now) of the new World Conflict: China.

And at this point "to think badly"...

Photo: Kremlin