Do we look at the finger and not at the Moon?

(To Andrea Cucco)

An interesting one was published last week article about the Republic in which a ("secret") transfer of the air defense system was revealed Skynex in Ukraine.

The piece told how an Antonov cargo ship, which left Rome (Fiumicino) with the system on board, unloaded the precious cargo (paid by the German government) in Poland to then be transferred to Ukraine.

The short range system Skynex it is capable of stopping aerial threats using 35 mm rapid-fire mobile cannons.

The author, Di Feo, defines (correctly) the weapon as "the ideal response to Kiev's appeals".

So what's the problem? Simple: while we are all focused on sending armaments, more or less old, or having new and state-of-the-art ones financed (such as those produced by Rheinmetall Italia) for Ukraine... no one seems to be asking the question "And U.S???".

We happened to take seriously the alarm raised over three years ago by the Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Enzo Vecciarelli, when did he tell the defense commissions that, faced with the drones of the war in Nagorno Karabakh, we were defenseless?

We have taken seriously the ever-increasing presence on the battlefield of loitering ammunition ("circuiting munitions", i.e. suicide drones!) which, with increasingly better AI, autonomously claim victims on both sides?

Have we finally realized that even having the best tanks on the market doesn't make us immune to the effects of artillery? Most of the tanks in Ukraine were in fact wiped out by the still very effective “queen of battles”.

After announcing the purchase of a real tank like the Leopard 2 to be placed alongside the autarchic "Aries" who will be (unnecessarily and at a scandalous price) updated, we understood that the availability of armored infantry fighting vehicles equipped with drone protection systems, loitering ammunition and artillery shells (like those sent to the Ukrainians!) is the real urgency?

For every eight shipments of war material to Ukraine, will it be necessary to finance the replenishment of stocks and the coverage of the macroscopic holes in our defense? Can the majority and opposition recognize that, for the sake of our soldiers, we also urgently have to purchase systems like those sent to Kiev? Before it's late.