Libya: military abandoned again! Two pizzas to the ministers?

(To Andrea Cucco)

On January 19, the handover for the national contingent, which has been engaged in Misrata for over 6 months, should have taken place. To date, the substitutes, part of the 4th Persano tank regiment, have not yet received half a visa to be able to reach Libya. The granting of authorizations is to avoid being humiliated and re-boarded on the same plane, as already happened at the time of the Conte government (Minister of Defense? Lorenzo Guerini).

Will the same bureaucratic process also be up to Turks, Russians, French, Emiratis and Egyptians for their intervention in the country? We doubt that a measurer would ever allow himself to accuse a Turk of any irregularity. The misunderstanding would be immediately explained to him, regardless of his or the interlocutor's rank.

What is most discouraging is the feeling of déjà vu: last year our military had to wait more than 3 months before the defense minister (Lorenzo Guerini) "unloaded the merits" of the solution of the impasse on the foreign minister.

"It is the result of a positive work, the result of fruitful institutional synergy, first of all with the Libyan authorities, which I want to thank for their collaboration. I thank Minister Di Maio for this for his support and commitment and for his concrete contribution to achieving this result " - said the Minister of Defense (Lorenzo Guerini), last June, when perhaps silence would have been more honorable.

The question we ask ourselves today is simple, banal and logical: because the following year that fool (v.articolo) are we in the same conditions?

The answers may be different. Shall we hypothesize some of them together?

  1. Because for Misrata's loyal Ottoman servants, it must seem really fun to insult an entire military contingent to the bitter end (also blocking supplies and forcing the commander and his escort to turn unarmed) without EVER perceiving any reaction?

  2. Why is it fun for some politicians (now expiring) to check the tolerance of Italians without NEVER perceiving any reaction?

  3. Because "the support and commitment " last year from the minister di Maio they did not translate into a simple phone call but - as happens punctually for the kidnappings of compatriots abroad - into something else?

We do not have a certain answer but the question remains: why does a Libya in full crisis allow itself the luxury of insulting what should be a useful host?

For now we hope that the Minister of Defense (Lorenzo Guerini) understands that the fate of men and women in the service of (our) Country should be more dear to him and ... go and eat a pizza with the (his) colleague Di Maio!

When, later on, he will see that the tables are made up in the room and his own "Are you closing?" they answer - without conviction - "No, no, go ahead ...", maybe he won't understand right away. However, when the lights go out and with the shutter half closed, even the young foreign minister will understand that "maybe it's time to leave"?

Photo: Ministry of Defense