Libya, getting worse: "Skinny and hungry"? No, skinny and pissed off!

(To Andrea Cucco)

While fanciful diplomatic and political successes have been boasted since last week, the situation in Libya is shameful. After the editorial on Friday (v.articolo), we have verified other ignoble aspects of the mission. In particular, I share with you what I would call "bullying".

The supplies sent from the motherland to our military are regularly blocked for months in port. This is until one half, the perishable one, is thrown away.

He allows himself only belatedly (and I don't want to think about anything else ...) to recover the load.

Our soldiers? In the meantime, they make new holes in the belt.

What does this teach? That in times of war you can try to hold on for the shortcomings dictated by the successes of one Navy opponent, but if in times of peace it is the beneficiaries of our intervention who spit on us, something is not right ...

Would it not be the case, not being able to control the loads of weapons that are sent with impunity across the Mediterranean from Turkey, to entrust our logistics to them? The treatment given by the good Vlad - 560 years ago - to the Ottomans taught them diplomacy and its "subtle" dynamics.

We of the past, surfing the internet, have we just "misunderstood" some images (following photo) tweeting childish little thoughts?

Photo: ministry of defense / web

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