Somalia: MIADIT resumes training

(To Greater Defense)

The training courses of the Carabinieri in the State of Djibouti have resumed. The 14th edition of MIADIT Somalia (Italian training mission), led by col. Giuseppe Corso aims to train the personnel of the Somali Police Force (SFP) and the security forces (Police and Gendarmerie) of the Republic of Djibouti, through the use of a contingent of instructors from the specialized departments of the weapon.

The two training courses aimed at SPF students, one for officers and the other for the staff of the "Darawish" companies, aim to translate knowledge and operational skills useful for defense, stabilization and control of the territory, in order to increase the resistance and repression of the Somali regular forces in the action against the terrorist group of Al-Shabaab.

In this context, particular attention will be paid to international humanitarian law and its inspiring principles in order to crystallize in the students of both courses notions that will have to form the basis of their modus operandi. The “Darawish” course will be aimed at building and strengthening operational capabilities typical of a “Robust Police” to be used in military and police operations aimed at controlling the territory and countering terrorist organizations.

Furthermore, the training modules in favor of the Police and the Gibutian Gendarmerie on high-profile technical activities, expressive of the high and varied capacity of the Carabinieri in the sectors of investigative techniques, anti-terrorism and protection of cultural heritage and environmental.

The training activities of MIADIT 14 will take place in full compliance with the national anti-Covid legislation and with the adoption of all appropriate precautions according to the principle of maximum precaution by virtue of the pandemic emergency. For this purpose, the courses were started only after the positive outcome of a feasibility study, under the supervision of the Joint Forces Operational Command (COI), and after an accurate health screening of Somali learners both departing from Somalia and to arrival in Djibouti.