Iraq: workshop on "Technical-scientific analysis of complex crime scenes"

(To Greater Defense)

As part of the consultancy activities to support Iraqi institutions in the defense and security sector, NATO Mission Iraq (NM-I) has organised, in recent days, the first module of the workshop on the technical-scientific analysis of the complex scenes of crime.

In particular, the Carabinieri concluded the first module in favor of 50 members of the Federal Police and the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. 

The Italian military personnel of the NM-I coordinated the contribution of the European Union delegation (EUDEL) and theEuropean Union Advisory Mission in Iraq (EUAM-I) and subsequently shared its technical expertise with Iraqi personnel.

The objective of this first module, designed at the request of the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, was to improve technical-investigative skills on particularly difficult crime scenes, highlighting the importance of maintaining high standards in the collection and analysis of findings, in order to be able to share the results, also at an international level, to effectively combat organized crime and terrorism. 

The success of the workshop led local authorities to request NM-I to develop a follow-on module on which NATO staff are already working.

Italy contributes significantly to the stabilization and support of the institutions of this important Middle Eastern country through the NATO Mission Iraq, in which he expresses his joint contribution, as well as with the chief of staff, also through the numerous experts from the various Armed Forces responsible for consultancy activities, in multiple functional areas of the local Ministries of Defense and Interior as well as the office of the national security advisor. To these activities of strategic importance are added those of specialist training conducted by Italian personnel for the benefit of Iraqi operational units.