The E550A – CAEW aircraft operates for the first time in command of a mission in a multinational exercise

(To air Force)

Friday 26 April 2024, as part of the multinational exercise Red Flag 24-1 which is taking place at the US Eielson air base in Alaska, the E550A CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) aircraft of the Air Force carried out - for the first time - a flight mission as Mission Commander.

In training and operational contexts, the mission commander is the entity responsible to the commander of the Joint Force Air Component (COMJFAC) of the overall planning and conduct of the flight mission.

In last Friday's exercise, as part of an activity where tutoring was carried out by the Weapon Instructor of the line Euro Fighter, the function of Mission Commander it was carried out by the tactical director of the CAEW mission crew, a professional figure, covered by category personnel Integrated Air and Missile Defense (DAMI), trained and trained in the exercise of command and control.

Having received the task of fulfilling this role of absolute importance, in a multinational context, outside national borders and for all the assets in flight for that specific mission, is synonymous with a recognized professional appreciation in the international context as well as a training and operational of absolute importance for the Air Force, for the crews of the 14th wing operating in Alaska on the CAEW. The E-550A CAEW in particular is operating in the Red Flag Alaska, in its primary role as an AEW (Airborne Early Warning) asset and tactical command and control of combat assets, with a very broad range of tasks and capabilities to allow what is necessary to guarantee the conduct of missions such as Battle Management and Command and Control (BM&C2) in an exercise-type context Large Force Employment (LFE), in high density and threat environment said Peer to Peer / Anti Access-Area Denial (A2AD).