Visit of the C6F and MARFOREUR/AF to the Navy and Cincnav general staff

(To Marina Militare)

On January 25, 2024, the commander of the US Sixth Fleet (C6F), Admiral Ishee and the commander of the Marines for Europe and Africa (MARFOREUR/AF) General Sofge, conducted a visit to the top commands of the Navy. The visit, framed in the context of dialogue and collaboration between the respective Armed Forces of the two countries, offered a unique opportunity to discuss crucial issues aimed at strengthening ties in the fields of cooperation and mutual support in the maritime and amphibious fields .

The delegation was welcomed at the SMM by Mr. SCSMM, Admiral Berutti Bergotto who expressed the importance of keeping the maritime and amphibious link between the two countries active and strong. During the tour, ongoing projects, recent initiatives and the new amphibious platforms that the MM will equip in the near future were presented.

The delegation also had the opportunity to participate in a staff talks session, where numerous issues regarding the policy and procurement of the amphibious sector of the MM were addressed. This dialogue fostered mutual understanding and helped create a solid foundation for future collaborations.

The meetings continued at the command in chief of the naval team where the delegation, welcomed by the commander in chief, Admiral De Carolis, had the opportunity to get to know more closely the maneuver scheme of the naval team through the connection with the naval units currently engaged in operations.

At the end of the visits, both the American delegation and the representatives of the SMM and CINCNAV underlined how the importance of these meetings lay the foundations for strengthening cooperation and promoting synergy between the MM, USN and USMC in the Greater Mediterranean area , especially in this period of complex challenges.