Nave Morosini ends its commitment to Operation Noble Shield

(To Marina Militare)

​Last April 5th Ship Morosini, following the passing of the baton with the French FS unit We Are, has ended its commitment to the NATO operation Noble Shield, Which flagship the Standing Nato Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), in a deployment that began on February 17th.

Under the tactical command on board of Rear Admiral Pasquale Esposito - supported by its multinational staff - and included in Task Group 441.02, together with other units from Greece and Turkey, the Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Unit (PPA) took part in numerous operational commitments and training courses in the Mediterranean, among which the prestigious anti-submarine exercise stands out Dynamic Manta.

Noble Shield, is the NATO operation that continuously guarantees the presence and action of Standing NATO Maritime Task Group, under the command of Allied Maritime Component (MARCOM – Northwood), with the aim of maintaining and developing the Alliance's defense and deterrence capabilities in the Mediterranean basin, monitoring the maritime spaces of NATO interest, ensuring freedom of navigation and developing integration between allied countries. 

Le Standing Naval Forces, of which SNMG2 is part, represent a tool for developing and consolidating the interoperability processes of the allied maritime forces through operational and training activities at sea and at the same time allow the Alliance to be able to express its own Naval Diplomacy.

The one just concluded represented the first NATO commitment of the second PPA, delivered to the Navy in October 2022. Almost 9000 miles in the Mediterranean during which it conducted presence, surveillance and deterrence activities, carrying out intense training in all forms of struggle, in coordination and in support with multinational aerial, underwater and surface assets.