US Navy and Navy: the joint training of divers from the two allied navies comes to an end

(To Marina Militare)

The depths of the oceans and seas, where mystery and adventure intertwine, represent the dimension in which divers are involved in continuous training to maintain their operational capabilities.

In the last two weeks, a joint activity was conducted between the 802 Platoon of the US Navy - an asset dedicated to mine countermeasures (CMM) activities of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 8 (EODMU8) - and the underwater unit of the command Mine Countermeasure Forces, which saw alternating deep dives and workshops sharing operating procedures.

Divers are highly specialized operators who represent excellence at an international level, being able to work up to 300 meters inside special equipment and up to 1.500 meters deep with advanced underwater vehicles guided by the surface (Remote Operative Vehicle), in any operational and emergency scenario, and which in the specific reality of MARICODRAG provide underwater support to CMM operations.

The joint activity with the US Navy, in addition to representing a training tool of great importance, which has allowed the exchange of information on the technologies used, knowledge and experience in the CMM field, renews the spirit of collaboration with the allied navies, contributing to the sharing of intent for the monitoring of strategic infrastructures that exist on the seabed.