Changeover to the southern interregional maritime command

(To Marina Militare)

On Friday 22 March, at 12:00, inside the suggestive Piazza d'Armi of the Aragonese Castle of Taranto, the turnover ceremony took place Southern Maritime Interregional Command between division admiral Flavio Biaggi (transferor) and division admiral Vincenzo Montanaro (incoming), in the presence of the Navy's deputy chief of staff, team admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto, and the highest civil, military and religious authorities of the city.

Admiral Flavio Biaggi led the Southern Maritime Interregional Command from 6 December 2022 by promoting the importance of the culture of the sea and maritimeity in the territories of jurisdiction and consolidating the synergies that have characterized the relationships between the armed forces, institutions and local bodies of the City of the Two Seas.

Admiral Vincenzo Montanaro comes from the Naples office, where last March 17 he left his post as chief of staff of the logistics command of the Navy.

“Today I cannot hide a feeling of sadness in leaving this city which immediately welcomed me with hospitality and friendship. Taranto, so inextricably linked to the sea and to the Navy and also to the professional path of every naval officer, has once again shown me its historical richness, values ​​and firm will to translate its enormous potential into development projects, looking to the Navy with respect and trust in seeking an open and constructive dialogue. Today I am even more convinced that this synergy represents a virtuous path to accompany Taranto towards the achievement of increasingly ambitious objectives", a passage from the speech by Admiral Biaggi, designated as the next interregional maritime commander north.

“Taking the lead of the southern interregional maritime command, here, in the city of Taranto, arouses great emotion in me. Taranto is a strategic city, with an indissoluble bond with the Navy. It would be enough to look at the map of Italy orienting it towards the south - therefore in reverse - to realize how central this city is for the country's projection into the wider Mediterranean, giving it a role of absolute pre-eminence in the safeguarding of national interests which find their most complete fulfillment in the sea. expression. Taranto, finally, is the city in which I was born and raised, right here, in the chapel of San Leonardo located inside the Aragonese castle, my son Francesco was baptized", part of the speech by Admiral Montanaro, interregional maritime commander south.

“The southern interregional maritime command constitutes a reality of great value, of great competence and of great prominence, thanks also to the various commands and bodies placed under its direct dependence, from the area commands of the lighthouses and maritime signaling of Taranto and Naples to the direction of the military engineers for the Taranto Navy, from the military hospital center of Taranto to the ammunition direction, to the police station direction and, obviously, to four maritime directions (Bari, Naples, Pescara and Reggio Calabria). The interregional command represents an immediate and effective reference for government, administrative and local authorities, with which to ensure a transparent, constructive, sincere and, above all, synergistic dialogue over time. I recognize the extraordinary commitment made constantly to the women and men of the Southern Interregional Maritime Command to ensure the unavoidable conditions of security in the maritime field", the words of the Navy's deputy chief of staff, team admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto.