The San Marco marine brigade and the third naval division visiting STRIKFORNATO

(To Marina Militare)

Monday 25 March 2024, the commander of the third naval division, rear admiral Michele Orini, and the commander of the marine brigade Saint Mark, Rear Admiral Massimiliano Grazioso, visited STRIKFORNATO (Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO) in Oeiras (Portugal).

The prestigious command directly dependent on SACEUR (Supreme Command of the Allied Powers in Europe), constitutes NATO's "strike" and support force, providing a rapidly deployable maritime headquarters, capable of planning and executing wide-ranging joint maritime operations. spectrum, including maritime defense against ballistic missiles, through the integration of amphibious strike forces and aircraft carriers, in support of the collective deterrence and defense of the Alliance countries.

Welcomed by the vice commander, rear admiral James Morley (Royal Navy), the event, which took place during the ship's stop in Lisbon Garibaldi returning from the NATO exercise Nordic Response 24, allowed a constructive exchange of views regarding the need to promote the strategic relevance and flexibility of use of amphibious forces and the chain of command and control for a profitable use of such amphibious forces in consideration of the strategic value associated with them, placing emphasis on ongoing and future training activities.