Dog platoon commander course

(To Marina Militare)

The "dog platoon commanders" course has recently ended at the veterinary military center (CEMIVET) of the Army in Grosseto, which saw, for the first time, the participation of three non-commissioned officers from the marine brigade Saint Mark. The fruitful inter-force collaboration has, therefore, added a further significant piece to the program of renewal and development of the Navy's canine training capacity, which is added to the latest generation kennel being designed in the Brindisi area.

The course had, as its primary objective, that of enabling staff to deal with various specialist topics, such as maintaining the technical-operational capacity of dog units, consultancy activities for operational departments and the possibility of training, preparation and use of binomials, even in an international operating environment.

The joint activity with CEMIVET, in addition to representing a training tool of great importance, which allowed the exchange of information on the techniques and materials used, renews the synergistic collaboration in the field of military dog ​​breeding, where the Italian Army undoubtedly plays a leadership role at a national level thanks to the vast experience, knowledge and specific expertise of its operators.