22nd law of armed conflict (LOAC) competition for military academies

(To Marina Militare)

From 18 to 22 March 2024, the city of Sanremo (IM) hosted the 22nd edition of the competition on International Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) for Military Academies, organized by“International Institute of Humanitarian Law – IIHL" of Sanremo, whose main objective is to introduce cadets to International Law of Armed Conflict and promote cooperation between all young people involved.

The Naval Academy of Livorno was the protagonist with a team of three midshipmen attending the 2nd year application courses who particularly distinguished themselves by obtaining second and third place in the "Best mixed team" category.

This year's competition saw the participation of 32 teams counting over 100 cadets from Armed Forces around the world, who came to Sanremo to carry out an intensive period of learning, sharing and challenge within the Law of Armed Conflict - LOAC.

The competition program was divided into two phases: a preliminary phase focused on interactive learning through lessons on various aspects of the LOAC and a practical phase, in which the cadets engaged in simulated training sessions Joint Operations Center (JOC). It is precisely in training contexts like these that participants from all the Academies are called to cooperate and interact in a multilingual and multicultural environment, reflecting the real challenges of current international operational scenarios.