The Bettica patrol vessel provides technical assistance to merchant units in distress in the Atlantic Ocean

(To Marina Militare)

In the late morning of March 30, 2024, the patrol vessel Bettica of the Navy, patrolling in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea as part of the anti-piracy operation "Gabinia", identified, approximately 60 nautical miles off the coast of Liberia, a cargo ship and a tugboat, flying the flag of Tanzania, stopped adrift.

The anomalous situation led the commander of the patrol vessel to establish radio contact with the vessels where it was learned of a technical problem with the propulsion system of the tug engaged in towing the cargo from Guyana to Nigeria.

Following the preventive inspection activity carried out by the boarding team of the marine brigade Saint Mark boarded on Ship Bettica, the commander sent a team of technicians on board the tug to provide support to the damaged unit.

After about 4 hours of intervention, the sailors of Nave Bettica they managed to restart the engine, ensuring the tug's propulsion was restored.

The assistance provided, to safeguard navigation safety, allowed the two boats to finally resume navigation.

Ship Bettica and its crew have resumed the mission of presence and surveillance in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea, to protect national interests, combat piracy and guarantee freedom of navigation and maritime safety along the main shipping lines that cross this stretch of sea ​​with strategic commercial value for Italy.