V submarine tactical operational seminar

(To Marina Militare)

The fifth edition of the "Tactical-Operational Seminar" was held in Taranto, at the submarine flotilla command, aimed at all officers embarked on national submarines. The seminar constitutes an opportunity for sharing and analyzing the operational and training activities carried out by the submarines, in order to support, through the enhancement of the results achieved, the experiences gained and the salient elements that emerged during the activities at sea, the continuous professional growth of the submariners and submarine support teams.

The focus of the seminar was the underwater dimension as a new theater of international competition, characterized by a growing presence of submarines and various types of underwater vehicles and affected by potential threats to the infrastructures present in the seas and on the seabed, indispensable for the energy supply of the country, the flow of communications and access to natural resources. In this context, the national submarines, thanks to the ability to operate underwater, invisible and for prolonged periods, provide a particular and indispensable contribution to the country's security in seas of priority national interest.

Due to the relevance of the interests it encompasses and the specificity of technologies and means necessary to operate there, the underwater dimension is configured as a domain in its own right. From this point of view, as illustrated by the submarine commander, rear admiral Vito Lacerenza, in his closing speech of the seminar, the development of the submarine component must be seen, which, in order to continue to ensure control of this domain, will also have to have means in the future always state of the art that can ensure the technological and operational advantage. This is what we aim to achieve with the new U212 submarines Near Future Submarine (NFS) currently under construction, which, starting from the experience gained with the current modern and reliable Todaro-class U212A underwater platforms, will adopt state-of-the-art national technological solutions.