An Italian officer on board the destroyer James E. Williams


On board the USS James E. Williams (DDG 95), an American Arleigh Burke missile fighter fighter, an Italian officer is currently embarked, Lieutenant Emanuela Ferrentino. Boarding is part of the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP), an exchange project between the Italian Navy and the US Navy that promotes the collaboration and trust that unites the two countries.

The PEP represents for an Italian Navy officer a prestigious opportunity, of great professional and above all personal growth.

Emanuela Ferrentino, fully integrated with the professional reality on board, has been holding the position of Assistant Navigator (assistant navigator) and Navigation Division Officer (Head of the Navigation team) for about a year.

The young officer played a leading role during the Joint Warrior 141, multinational exercise in Northern Europe that took place in March and April 2014. Recently, the Ferrentino STV has completed an eight-month mission in the area Africom, a mission from June 2014 in January 2015, during which the USS James E. Williams and his crew conducted security and maritime cooperation operations in the Indian Ocean.

During this long sailing period, Emanuela distinguished herself brilliantly among the Junior Officers, showing great commitment and dedication in her training. The Italian officer has, in fact, obtained the qualification to guard on the bridge as OOD, Officer Of the Deck. After this important milestone, Emanuela was personally involved in two lateral refueling maneuvers and in three entry maneuvers in the ports of Augusta and Civitavecchia in Italy and Rota in Spain. The STV Ferrentino then obtained the SWO Surface Warfare Officer qualification, qualifying for surface warfare, a significant milestone in the career of any naval officer aboard a US ship.

"STV Ferrentino has been a vital part of our team and I am proud to have given her the Surface Warfare Officer badge. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have her as part of our navy." Frigate Captain Heidi Haskins, commander of USS James E. Williams, said.

Source: Military Navy