A year of communication and enhancement of the Marina Militare brand

(To Staff)

Starting from 2017, the Armed Forces has annually organized an event focused on communication and dedicated to the promotion of the brand Marina Militare, with the aim of consolidating and increasing synergies with the current licensees of the brand Marina Militare, with potential commercial partners as well as the communication, press and media network.

As per tradition, thePublic Information and Communication Office of the Navy, organized the evening yesterday at the non-commissioned officers' club in Rome, offering the guests gathered to retrace all the communication projects produced/shared in 2023 in synergy with Difesa Servizi, with the licensees of the Armed Forces and with the companies that in recent years for two years they have collaborated and maintained relationships with the same, including Leonardo, Fincantieri and MBDA.

The event, now in its seventh edition, has met with excellent success and reverberation.

In the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, a 365-day long communication process was also presented, the result of a joint commitment between the professionalism of the women and men belonging to the Navy and the important licensee companies which, in various sectors, enhance the Marina Militare brand on a national and international level.

During his speech, the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Enrico Credendino “communication is absolutely fundamental and is particularly so today to reach the population; the means have changed and the Navy has adapted, landing on new platforms, to respond to the need to reach young people to convey its image, its history and culture and transfer the authentic values ​​that distinguish it. The companies and businesses that enhance the Marina Militare brand are, in fact, a very strong sounding board capable of amplifying the diffusion of our messages but above all of our values".

The Dr. Luca Andreoli, CEO of Difesa Servizi SpA, instead placed the emphasis on the numbers by declaring “It is significant to see such a large presence of the companies we work with to enhance the Marina Militare brand. The objective is to increase its market value which at the close of the 2022 financial statements generated royalties for an amount equal to €1.713.000 and which for the year 2023 we expect to become over €2.326.000. Numbers are important because they give us the measure of things in relation to time, and in a short time we have done a lot. And we did it together with the Navy, which has always believed in the validity of the relationship with Difesa Servizi, and obviously together with the companies that believe and invest in the brand. A public-private partnership that works and demonstrates how the intuition of the then Undersecretary of Defense Guido Crosetto 12 years ago was fruitful and far-sighted, since the resources generated by Difesa Servizi are a capital gain on the Defense budget allocations" concluding then “further important challenges await us, first and foremost the 2023/2025 World Tour of Nave Vespucci, as Ambassador of Made in Italy on the 5 continents, and we are ready, together with the Navy and companies to face them and, above all, to win them”

Rear Admiral Antonello de Renzis Sonnino, head of thePublic Information and Communication Office (UPICOM) of the Navy, during his speech, stated “On this occasion I would like to highlight the companies and businesses that accompany us on a daily basis in the diffusion of our values ​​and our traditions through their brands, all the organizations and entities with which we have collaborated on various occasions, in particular in the social sphere, and the world of media and communication, which are crucial to making known the daily work of the Navy in favor of the community."