Last operational launch for the dean of the MM raiders


The lieutenant incursor Vittorio Caso, for the operators of the "Pippo" Raiders Operating Group, dean of the raiders, a few weeks after being placed in auxiliary for age limits, carried out his last training launch from a C27J Spartan in the Gulf of La Spezia .

The lieutenant Caso wanted to celebrate his 43 years of effective service, of which 41 passed to the GOI, with which he participated in all the national and international missions that involved the special forces of the navy, holding positions of ever greater responsibility and always in the operational field.

The current major helper of the GOI, the Lieutenant Caso has represented for the history of the department and for the operators of many generations a valuable source of experience but also of professional knowledge.

In fact, he was part of the first Italian anti-terrorist team, he is one of the oldest military paratroopers and launch manager in Italy, he is a specialized interpreter of aerial photographs, for years he was an instructor and head of the chosen shooters and, obviously , he obtained the qualifications to use all the means, the underwater equipment and the terrestrial armaments supplied to the department.

Source: Military Navy