Trieste, the Marina at the Italian Indoor Diving Championships


A competitive weekend the one just ended for the divers of the Agonistic Sports Center of the Navy, who in the "Bruno Bianchi" pool in Trieste, took part in the Italian indoor diving championships.

The team consisted of 1st class Deputy Chief Tommaso Marconi, 3rd class Deputy Chief Michele Benedetti, 3rd class Deputy Chief Tommaso Rinaldi and Municipality Gabriele Auber, followed by 1st class Deputy Chief Technical Officer Nicola Marconi.

From the three-meter springboard, Rinaldi obtained the bronze medal, with 358.95 points, touching the gold medal for a few points; fourth place instead for Marconi, with 332.35 points, who lost a place on the podium due to a mistake in the last dive. Eleventh position for Auber (282.00 points), while Benedetti had to give up the races due to a back injury.

Another medal, this time of silver, for Tommaso Rinaldi, this time from the trampoline of 1 meter; seventh position for Tommaso Marconi (287.60 points) and twelfth for Gabriele Auber (225.85 points).

Source: Military Navy

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