On Bettica, a new search and rescue lighthouse in Japan


As part of the consolidated and profitable bilateral collaboration between Italy and Japan, a modern Japanese search and rescue lighthouse was installed on a Comandante Bettica ship last November.

The headlamp, installed on the countertop and controlled from the dashboard by means of a special control panel, is fitted with a xenon lamp that allows a nominal range of 6-8 miles, making it an extremely performing instrument in case of research and operations. rescue in the absence of sunlight.

The installation, first on a naval unit, was carried out during the stopover works of modernization of Bettica ship, and was checked on board by Japanese representatives of the manufacturer, accompanied for the occasion by the Italian managers of the commercialization and 'technical assistance.

The Japanese technicians, having ascertained the effectiveness of the installation carried out by the workers of the Augusta military arsenal, indoctrinated the crew and arsenal on the use and first maintenance of the apparatus, carrying out, after sunset, the practical test of the operation of the lighthouse, finally certifying the test with satisfaction.

Source: Military Navy