Migrating to 105 miles south of Lampedusa


Ship Libra, inserted in the Frontex device "Triton" yesterday afternoon was sent to the rescue for a SAR (Search And Rescue) event of a boat in distress some tens of miles north of the Libyan coasts. The Bourbon Argos freighter, which was in transit, recovering 84 migrants also arrived on the boat.

The merchant Bourbon Argos, always last night, has rescued another boat about 50 miles from Libya embarking 79 migrants. All the 163 migrants recovered from the merchant Bourbon Argos were transhipped on the Libra patrol during the night.

The Mistral frigate last night helped two boats to 105 miles south of Lampedusa with numerous migrants on board. At the end of the rescue, he transhipped 210 migrants, including 11 women, to the Libra patrol of the Navy.

Nave Libra (photo below), with on board 373 migrants, directs towards the Italian coast for the disembarkation of the rescued people.

Also yesterday, a few tens of miles north of the Libyan coast, two tugboats (Asso 24 and Gagliardo) and a merchant ship (Octopus) have rescued and recovered on board respectively 263, 70 and 77 migrants.

Source: Military Navy