The first part of the Around the World Campaign 2023-2025 world tour of Nave Amerigo Vespucci ends today

(To Marina Militare)

After having crossed the Pillars of Hercules, crossed the Atlantic Ocean from north to south and crossed the equator, the Veliero reaches the 10th and final stop: La Plata, in Argentina.

Our minds go to the millions of compatriots who over the decades have traveled these same routes with sailing ships, steamers and ocean liners, with the hope in their hearts of being able to create a brighter future in the New World for themselves and their families.

This stop will last for the entire winter period or, more precisely, for the entire warm southern winter; in fact the sails will fill again in mid-March 2024, with the second part of the Campaign which will lead the crew and ship to face the challenges of passages south of the South American continent and to enter the Pacific Ocean, first, and then the Indian Ocean.

During these months of rest the unit will be subjected to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at the local shipyards, with the important contribution of specialized workers coming directly from La Spezia. For the crew, however, it will be an opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved period of rest to spend with their loved ones.