Greetings to the San Marco fusiliers leaving for Kosovo

(To Marina Militare)

On 17 June 2022, the salutation of the marine brigade took place in the forecourt of the E. Carlotto barracks in Brindisi Saint Mark to the 3rd An-Nasiriyah Company, of the 2nd Assault Battalion Venezia - 1st regiment Saint Mark which from July 2022 to January 2023 will be employed in the Kosovar operational theater, as part of the NATO operation Joint Enterprise.

The presence of the families of the 76 Navy Fusiliers soon to depart made the greeting ceremony precious and full of emotions, underlining the importance of the support that each family unit provides to their loved ones engaged in any Operating Theater. Just the commander of the marine brigade Saint Mark, Rear Admiral Massimiliano G. Grazioso, wanted to highlight this aspect in the course of his greeting, that is, family serenity as a means that allows men of Saint Mark to overcome the challenges that they are called to face every day wherever they are. The admiral also addressed his warm wishes for good winds to the Fusiliers, hoping that the contribution of the Saint Mark the next mission can effectively contribute to maintaining stability in the Balkans.

During the ceremony, the commander of the 1st regiment Saint Mark, CV Antonino Mazzocca, finally, delivered to the commander of the company, Augusto De Rosa, the flag of the Winged Lion of San Marco which will be hoisted at the Camp Villaggio Italia base for the entire duration of the operation, and then returned to 1 ° regiment Saint Mark upon returning to the homeland.

Full of pride, the 3rd An-Nasiriyah company is preparing to participate, almost twenty years after the last deployment of the Saint Mark in the area, to the KFOR operation - Joint Enterprise, in which 28 NATO countries and partners participate, with an overall commitment of approximately 3.800 units.

The 3rd company An-Nasiriyah will be used as a maneuvering unit in the context of the framework of regimental-led forces Piedmont Cavalry (2 °) of the Italian Army, and will contribute to the consolidation of stability so that the process of democratic and multiethnic development of Kosovo can continue.

The banner of Saint Mark he is once again ready to wave high in the sky, and the 76 lions will have the task of honoring him, with the professionalism that has always distinguished them.

By Sea For Terram!