First stage of the Nave Palinuro education campaign

(To Marina Militare)

Ship palinuro, departed from Taranto with the students of the course on board Themis, last August 2 arrived in Messina after 6 days of navigation.

The first navigation aboard a sailing ship for marshals began immediately with a new experience, in fact, after wearing seat belts, the young sailors had the first real approach with work at height going up in trees.

The most electrifying part of the day is just the climb in tree lined. The latter involves a climb and descent from the lateral holds, called shrouds, called bar turn. This activity is preparatory to achieving adequate training to work with the sails, in fact, the students are used in the opening and closing of the same by operating directly on the flagpoles, as real kneepads.

A lot of desire to do and curiosity on the part of the boys who, thanks to the experience of the crew, ready to assist them in every moment of difficulty, managed to overcome the first challenge against going ashore.
The night instead was the starry sky to play the leading role, allowing the boys to acquire even notions of astronomy.

Even the time of rest becomes a new experience aboard a Palinuro ship, in fact, students use hammocks, an ancient tradition and logistic structure typical of sailing ships, which are assembled and disassembled daily by the students who, therefore, must acquire the indispensable knowledge of the simplest maritime knots, from spoken to half-necks, to avoid unpleasant "accidents" during the night.

Another commitment, faced daily by the young students of the Themis course, are the on-call time services, where they immediately showed great responsibility and maturity, despite the various difficulties on board, first of all the rough seas.

Considered an integral part of the crew, the students, subdivided into 3 teams, are employed in all tasks, from tidying up and cleaning the ship, to lookouts on the fourth benches, from the helmsman to the operator to the correspondence and, in free moments, in conferences, briefings and gymnastic-sports activities.

The whole day is scheduled by deliveries that engage students in the various seafaring activities, from the alarm clock to the guard service is a moment, but speed and determination are the essential components to better enjoy their first experience aboard a sailing ship.