Presented two years of sporting successes and future commitments of the Navy

(To Marina Militare)

Yesterday, the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, in the historic library of Palazzo Marina, met the Sports Group of the Navy and the Altura Sailing Centre of Naples in the presence of the presidents of the Italian swimming and sailing federations, canoeing and rowing, clay pigeon shooting and target shooting.

The meeting opened with the thanks of the president of the GSMM (Marina Militare Sports Group), vessel captain Fabio Livraghi, to the representatives of the federations present, for the collaboration, the constant and constructive comparison that gave rise to significant synergies in the development of the national sporting heritage, guaranteeing, over the years, significant successes at an international level.

The Navy participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with 14 athletes and 4 technicians but 2022 is the year of successes, with the conquest of 50 medals internationally in various disciplines: diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, river canoeing , rowing, Olympic sailing and shooting.

The president cv Livraghi, during his speech, presented the athletes of the Armed Forces highlighting their dedication and sacrifices that allow them to achieve important objectives, underlining the commitment of the Navy in providing sports facilities, technicians and material necessary to perform training in the best possible way and races. Commitment that was also confirmed by the top athlete of the national synchronized swimming team Linda Cerruti and the sailing champion in the 470 class Giacomo Ferrari, who together wanted to thank the Navy for the fundamental support that allows them to train intensely, concentrating all the energies to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

Progress and updates were also shown in the field of enlistments, the 3 construction sites that will be opened at MARIREMO Sabaudia which will allow us to improve the usability of the rowing center not only for Marina personnel but also for the federations and finally the commitment of the Armed force in promoting the existing MM Youth Sections to spread the sporting culture and the Navy image in the territory.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Admiral Credendino stated: “hard training, constant commitment, sacrifices are just some of the elements that have allowed you to achieve your excellent sporting results. All the staff watched and followed you during the individual competitions with great admiration, as an example not only of sporting qualities, but also of character and determination. On behalf of all the great Navy family, I wish you new and prestigious victories and ever greater satisfaction, in competition, in your profession and in life".