Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation

(To Marina Militare)

The routes for the have been officially launched Transversal Skills and Orientation at the Navy helicopter stations of Luni and Catania.

With the joint signature of the commanders of the Maristaeli and the school directors of the participating institutes, the agreements have been activated for a new orientation and training path involving approximately seventy students for each base.

The orientation paths in the new professional environment were designed jointly by the specialist personnel of the Air Force and the "tutor" professors of the respective educational institutions, with the aim of expanding the knowledge acquired in the classroom and facilitating orientation in the world of work.

The Navy Air Forces have long been committed to supporting educational institutions in these projects, allowing participating students to experience first-hand work activities in areas of their interest and to develop transversal skills that will be invaluable to them in the future.

PCTO's activity represents a further and valid opportunity for dialogue between young citizens and the personnel of the air component of the Armed Forces, who every day express satisfaction and pride in belonging to the working reality of our bases, always ready to operate at the service of the community.