Operation Mare Nostrum: Libya shipwreck update


206 are the shipwrecked rescued yesterday from the military and civilian boats that have been engaged during the hours of the shipwreck off the Libyan coasts, 17 instead the lifeless bodies currently recovered.

The Grecale frigate and Sirio patrol of the navy, assisted by the patrol boats of the harbor master 302 and 306, the G79 patrol boat of the finance guard and the international merchants Kehoe Tide flying the Vanuatu flag and the French Bourbon Arcadien, reached the overturned boat in the most as soon as possible.

The helicopter AB 201 of Grecale ship, an Atlantic patrol aircraft, the ATR 42 of the harbor master and the helicopter EH 101 taken off from Lampedusa also took part.

Shipwrecks and victims are now on board the Grecale frigate heading for the port of Catania.

The patrol vessel Sirio was then engaged in other aid to boats in distress by rescuing 295 migrants who will be landed today in the port of Augusta.

Source: Military Navy