'New life' for the Venice Naval Base


The Venice naval base took this morning a step further towards what will be its final asset, thanks to the installation of two buoys necessary for the mooring of naval units.

A structure strongly desired by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, who for some time saw in the lagoon resource an essential potential for the Armed Force and the country.

Thanks to the commitment of all the personnel involved, both naval units and the Maristudi Support Department, all the necessary aids to make the naval base fully functional to the mooring have been set up in very short times and put in place the same day of the conclusion of the authorization procedure.

With the use of these buoys, whose design / construction was entrusted to the Arsenal of the Messina Industry Defense Agency, the naval support base in Venice will be able to more adequately accommodate the three designated naval units: two hydrographic units Ninfe class and the auxiliary unit type MTF (Motorcycle Transport Lighthouses) for the maintenance of lighthouses and signals, all units that perform critical activities to ensure the safety of maritime navigation.

In the naval base of Venice, meanwhile, continue the other works, already contracted, for the adaptation of the cabin and the power line for the supply of land from the ships to the dock of the anchors and the acquisition of additional protection against the 'pollution. Also worthy of note is the commitment to restore the RP-101 port tugboat, which is indispensable for assistance with the mooring / unmooring of the units and for supporting port requirements.

The completion of the works is expected by the end of February.

Source: Military Navy