"No to the precarious with the stars"


The Co.Ce.R. Marina cannot refrain from criticizing, before the contents, the method that excluded the workers' representatives in uniform from the group of experts, and not, consulted during the drafting of the text.

Why, while in the countries to be imitated for the preparation of the White Paper, all the components of the State are involved as well as authoritative experts from other important countries, in Italy the same document is drawn up in "camera caritatis" by a "group of experts ”Whose names were not disclosed?

It is true that expectations are often disregarded but the White Paper produced by the "group of experts" beats everyone, it seems that of a sub-Saharan country surrounded by the desert, given that little or nothing comes to maritime operations and how to defend the economic interests of the Italy, which sees around 80% of goods traded by sea.

Lack of consideration towards the "Sailors" that these interests have defended (see Latorre and Girone), who defend and who will continue to defend.

But the book is exalted when it deals with personnel by providing for an increase in precariousness with prolonged standstill as a solution for rejuvenation; while the Parliament has always tried to stabilize the precarious the "experts" have invented the fixed-term contract with the "final lottery" for the insertion in the world of civil work after 15 - 20 years of honorable service for the Country.

Have the experts verified how many former soldiers have been reintegrated into the labor market in recent years? Only a few dozen, despite an ad hoc organization within the General Secretariat of Defense.

Perhaps the question arises: why the Armed Forces do not have the time to complete a reform and a new one is immediately ordered with disastrous implications for the morale of the personnel and for the efficiency of the Armed Forces itself? Why are the Armed Forces the only institution that has been in constant reorganization for about twenty years?

Let's not forget the latest revision of the military instrument Law 244/12 wanted by the technicians of the Monti government.

The Co.Ce.R. Marina asks that the voice of the military, through its representatives, can be audited by the Parliamentary Commissions who will have to examine the text and express their opinion.

Source: Press Release Co.Ce.R Marina