Ship San Giorgio parked in Tunis

(To Marina Militare)

​On August 27 Nave St. George, flagship ofOperation Safe Mediterranean (OMS) has entered the port of La Goulette, the first foreign stop in the WHO area after the changeover with ship Volcano.

The stop was an excellent opportunity to consolidate bilateral relations with the Tunisian maritime forces, in this context on August 28 the OMS tactical commander, together with DIFEITALIA Tunis and the LPD commander, held various meetings with representatives of the Tunisian Navy, contact persons also for the Defense and Coast Guard functions. Also significant was the visit on board by the first councilor of the Italian Embassy in Tunis, Dr. Tommaso Sansone, who intended to greet the crew and staff on board.

During the break, the Tunisian military delegation was able to attend an amphibious static display organized by the personnel of the first regiment Saint Mark embarked on the unit.

The stop ended on the morning of August 29 with the handover ceremony of the command of the unit, between the vessel captain Francesco Iavazzo and the vessel captain Eugenio Santoiemma, following which the OMS flagship went back to sea .

The excellent welcome, the cordial understanding and the availability of the Tunisian civil and military authorities involved in the visit of the unit, gave further evidence of the solid bond that unites the two nations, also testifying to the historical and recent relations between the Italian and Tunisian.