Nave Libeccio participates in the multinational exercise EUNOMIA 2-21

(To Marina Militare)

The frigate Libeccio of the Navy, took part in the Multinational EUNOMIA 2021 exercise, as part of the initiative called "Four-party cooperation Italy - France - Cyprus - Greece".

The exercise, which took place from 4 to 7 October, involved the ship's crew Libeccio in an intense series of joint exercises with the French navy that participated with the frigate Aconit, the Greek navy with the frigate Kountouriotis and the submarine Okeanos, and the Cypriot one with the patrol boat Ioannides, plus different aircraft assets including 6 Greek F-16s, 2 Gust and the helicopters embarked by the participating naval units.

A tight and extremely stimulating program that gave the opportunity to train in a realistic scenario with multiple structures used in the various forms of struggle: on the surface, above and below it. A training and training opportunity for Nave Libeccio, engaged in operational activity from the first days of August and which will immediately return to the sea to continue to guarantee the presence of the Navy in the Eastern and Central Mediterranean. The exercise took place in the waters south of the island of Cyprus, allowing interested crews to promote and increase their operational readiness, reaction capacity and above all to promote cooperation and interoperability between the various navies.

The activity made it possible to develop joint training in the following spheres:

  • Air and naval operations in a multi-threat environment (Anti surface / air / subsurface operations), including asymmetric threat;
  • Live Firing;
  • MIO (Maritime Interdiction Operations), focused on illegal activities at sea, including Vessel Boarding, Search and Seizure (VBSS) operations, support for Law Enforcement and protection of trade routes;
  • Search and Reascue operations;
  • Seafaring maneuvers.

The launch of a four-party cooperation (QUAD) was born with the aim of protecting the freedom of navigation, conducting Naval Diplomacy and increase interoperability between the participating Navies, ensuring a continuous air-naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, an area of ​​economic and strategic interest, in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

In this scenario, Italy, through its naval instrument, guarantees the protection of national energy interests, effectively ensures its participation in the initiative, with a view to protecting national energy interests, strengthening cooperation, consolidating coordination with Involved marines and other maritime devices operating in the area and contribute to presence and surveillance activities in the region.

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