Nave Fasan in aggregation to the USCarrier Strike Group 10

(To Marina Militare)

Last March 6, Nave Virginio Fasan (F 591) in aggregation with U.S. Carrier Strike Group 10 of the aircraft carrier George HW Bush, received a visit from the Commodore on board Stephen Aldridgecommander of the Destroyer Squadron 26 (DESRON 26), which operates in the Mediterranean Sea as an integral part of the same force as CSG-10 as composite warfare commander (CWC) and sea ​​combat commander (SCC). Commodore Aldridge, welcomed by the commander of the Italian Navy unit, the frigate captain Fabio Casamassima, during the visit witnessed kinematic maneuvers and training activities that Nave Fasan carried out with the aircraft carrier Bush, in those activities useful for strengthening integration and interoperability, confirming the close link between the Italian and US navies within the Atlantic Alliance.

The contribution provided by Nave Fasan is part of the collaboration program with the US Navy and is aimed at the presence, surveillance and monitoring of maritime communication routes (SLOC - Sea Lines of Communications).

In this context, Ship Fasan helps ensure the protection of the aircraft carrier, with particular attention to the submarine threat. The marked ASW capabilities of the sensory suite on board the multi-mission frigate allow, in fact, particularly advanced surveillance of the underwater dimension, completing the defense capabilities of the US Navy DESRON 26.

"In aleis strenua in pugna invicta"