Doria Ship trains with the Seychelles Coast Guard


On the occasion of the stop in the Seychelles archipelago in early January, ship Doria participated in a complex exercise that saw a local patrol aircraft and a Coast Guard patrol train, fast vehicles of the Maritime Police and the flagship.

His Agusta-Westland EH-101 and the Boarding Team of the Marina San Marco Brigade.

Following the simulated attack by a group of pirates (Pag) on ​​a fishing boat, the Coast Guard of the Seychelles intervened by requesting the support of the Doria ship to coordinate the searches and intercept the Pag.

Once identified by the half-aircraft, the boat (Skiff) was intercepted and blocked by the Doria Security Team, immediately allowing the Coast Guard to intervene for the beginning of the collection of evidence against the alleged pirates, who were subsequently arrested and transferred to the flagship.

Judges and prosecutors of the Seychelles Supreme Court, staff of Eucap Nestor and local TV and press journalists followed the phases of the exercise from the bridge of the Doria ship and were then able to attend the validation and delivery phase of the evidence collected and the arrested pirates to the local maritime police.

On that occasion, the Doria ship was able to train in the application of the procedures envisaged in similar circumstances as part of the Atalanta mission, while supporting the capacity building action that Eucap Nestor has been carrying out for years with the Seychelles Coast Guard.

The stop in Port Victoria also constituted a precious opportunity for the Doria ship to have a representative of the local Italian community visit the flagship, in honor of which, in the hangar of the unit, a mass officiated by the chaplain on board, Don Alberto.

Although the typical rains of the monsoon period have incessantly accompanied the stop of the destroyer, the beauty of the beaches and the flora typical of the Republic of Seychelles constituted an opportunity for recreation for the crew, which reached its fifth month of engagement outside the area, as flagship of the Atalanta operation.

The European commitment in the fight against piracy was at the center of the talks that the Force Commander, Rear Admiral Guido Rando, and Commander Angelo Virdis had with the diplomatic representatives of the European Union accredited in the country.

The presence of the Doria ship in port was, finally, an opportunity to organize, thanks to the commitment of the honorary consul, Claudio Izzi, a meeting on board between the diplomatic and territorial authorities including the minister of natural resources, at the aim to highlight the results achieved by the European naval force engaged in the Atalanta mission and to represent the technological level reached by the national shipbuilding industry.

Source: Military Navy