Nave Caio Duilio returns to La Spezia at the end of an intense training period with the US Navy

(To Marina Militare)

“A feat that deserves to be celebrated, the one accomplished by Nave Duilio and his valiant crew. An adventure that began with the 'Open Sea' of last May and which then continued until today, taking the Duilio to travel more than 8000 miles in full integration with the US Naval Group centered on the GW Bush aircraft carrier of the Class Nimitz, and to engage in a very intense training activity, which saw the involvement of 4 surface units, 3 submarines and 72 aircraft ". Thus the words of the commander of the first naval division, Rear Admiral Lorenzano Di Renzo, with which he greeted the return of Nave Dullio in La Spezia, after 3 months of activity in the United States.

The destroyer D554 participated in the "Composite Training Unit Exercise" (COMPTUEX), the third and last phase of the training and integration process of the ships that make up the American Carrier Strike Group. achievement of full interoperability between the various naval assets, as well as full integration with the aircraft carrier group George HW Bush of the US Navy.

The COMPUTEX exercise involved more than 7.000 military men and women, 14 ships, 3 submarines and 72 aircraft which for over a month gave life to a scenario with multi-domain and multi-threat characteristics.

This training phase is part of the path that the Navy is pursuing and is part of the broader context of national defense: helping to project the country system at the center of the international scenario, making Italy the protagonist of highly complex maritime operations.

Mission accomplished therefore for Nave Duilio, the first unit of the Navy to conduct this training cycle in the United States, enriching the wealth of operational experiences of the Armed Force and opening new avenues of collaboration in the maritime domain.

Many family members and the departmental fanfare to applaud and embrace the sailors of the Dulio.

“The return to the Gulf of Poets was obviously as exciting as the hugs of our loved ones. A child told me: thank you, order it because you brought my dad home as a birthday present ", the vessel captain Jacopo Rollo, commander of Nave Dulio.