Amphibious ship St. George rescues 128 migrants


Yesterday morning, an EH-101 helicopter of the Mare Nostrum air-naval device belonging to the amphibious ship San Giorgio, identified a boat with migrants on board to the south-east of Capo Passero.

Nave San Giorgio of the Italian Navy intervened to provide assistance after having ascertained the lack of safety equipment for the crew, the difficulties in navigating the vessel and the request for assistance from the occupants of the vessel. Once the individual lifebuoys were completed, 128 migrants were transhipped on a San Giorgio ship, of which 8 women, of which 2 were pregnant, and 13 children. Established the origin of the migrants, mostly Egyptians, Eritreans, Sudanese and Syrians, photo survey operations were carried out managed by the State Police and health checks by the medical staff on board together with the volunteer doctors of the Francesca Rava Foundation and of the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta (CISOM). Nave San Giorgio is heading towards the port of Augusta with expected arrival in the late morning.

Source: Military Navy