Ship Andrea Doria in the Gulf of Aden: anti-piracy and cooperation


Ship Andrea Doria continues its activities to combat the phenomenon of piracy for the protection of merchant traffic in the Gulf of Aden and in the Indian Ocean, as part of the Atalanta mission.

In addition to the different friendly approaches (approaches conducted on boats that pass through the area in order to acquire useful information on possible piracy activities), an essential element for the success of the mission is the cooperation with the units belonging to the other Task Forces operating in the area of operation.

For this ship Doria already last 28 August carried out a first joint activity with the Australian ship HMAS Toowoomba, belonging to the Task Force 150, with exercises designed to test the capacity of integrations between different marinas and the September 2, with the Japanese ship Takanami , Flagship of the Sixth Division, engaged in the activities of escorting merchant traffic within the IRTC (International Recommended Transit Corridor), as well as part of the 151 Task Force.

In the afternoon, when the activity ended with the Japanese unit, ship Doria resumed its patrol in the operations area ensuring its presence in the fight against the phenomenon of piracy.

Source: Military Navy