The Hurakan course is born on board Nave Vespucci

(To Marina Militare)

​​It is tradition that the students of the first class embark on the Training Ship Amerigo Vespucci for their education campaign come together to create a course.

The choice of the name of the course is the culmination of a year of training during which the students were able to strengthen their esprit de corps, demonstrating their ability to sacrifice themselves for others in facing common challenges. 

The birth of the course also symbolizes the transition to a more mature idea of ​​class, in which every individualistic aspect gives way to a sincere feeling of community and family.

In the wake of this tradition, on 6 September 2023, off the Colombian coast of the Caribbean Sea, the students of the first class of 2022/23 shouted their name to the sea: HURAKAN.

The name recalls what, in Mayan culture, was the divinity of fire, wind and storms; as well as creative spirit and origin of life.

The first class of 2022/23 wanted to take inspiration from the cultures of the peoples of Central America to underline the exceptional nature of the places where the course was born, while Nave Vespucci is committed to traveling around the world until February 2025.

Furthermore, the year 2022/23 was the year of the "rebirth" from the covid restrictions: consequently, the class was able to fully relive multiple events and traditions, returning to the "normality" of academic life after 3 years of limitations. Also in the wake of this renewal, the class wanted a clear reference to the figure of the god Hurakan, in his sense of lord of creation and life.

The course flag depicts the Mayan god Hurakan who, as per local tradition, is represented with a snake's tail. In the right hand, a civilization wiped out by a storm represents destruction. In the left hand, fire is a symbol of life and the rebirth of a new civilization.

The message that the course wanted to convey is that of renewal, of the affirmation of a new identity after an intense period of challenges faced in the unit that characterizes a course.

It is in the wake of this unity that the motto was born: adversa nos genuit ut invicti crevimus, "adversities have forged us so that we arise undefeated". In choosing it, the class wanted a clear reference to the Invicti 1976-1980 course.

Furthermore, to symbolize the passage to the Equator as well as the areas of South America in which the first part of the campaign took place, there is the constellation of the Southern Cross.

The helmet resting on the columns recalls the course of the commander of the class: Mirmidoni 2005-2010.

With these premises and in compliance with these values, the Hurakan course looks to the future with determination and pride, in the certainty that every challenge can be faced with the unity and cohesion that characterizes a course.