Combat medicine training module

(To Marina Militare)

They continue near the divers and raiders group Theseus Tesei (COMSUBIN) training activities in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) in favor of personnel belonging to the health service.

These are doctors and nurses who have always been committed to and in support of raiders operating group, in the context of training and operational activities carried out both at home and abroad; the latest experiences in the international field confirm the need for increasingly specific skills for military healthcare personnel, so that they can intervene to help colleagues with the timeliness essential to increase the chances of survival. 

The aim of this training, also conducted through the creation of complex simulated scenarios carried out under the supervision and evaluation of the medical training staff, is to update and maintain a high level of preparation of the healthcare personnel in the management of trauma in an operational environment, to practice carrying out all the life-saving maneuvers to be applied in case of emergency and learn to cooperate with qualified Incursori operators such as military rescuers.

For many years now, Comsubin has attributed particular importance not only to these training opportunities but also to all development and growth projects that may concern medical-surgical support for Special Forces operations.