In Mariscuola Taranto "The history of the retreat of the Franks" is retraced

(To Marina Militare)

Tuesday 28 February, at the Piazza d'Armi of the Officers' School of Taranto, in the presence of the commander of the Southern Maritime Interregional Command, divisional admiral Flavio Biaggi and the commander of the training institute, rear admiral Francesco Milazzo, the traditional ceremony of theLower the solemn flag

On this occasion we wanted to recall the historic "retreat of the francs", in vogue until the early 60s in the cities of Taranto and La Spezia where the sailors on leave, at the end of the day, queued up to the departmental fanfare to make return to the barracks or on board the naval units. The marshals' brigade symbolically retraced that stretch of history and traditions marching to the notes of "La Ritirata", played by the garrison fanfare of the southern maritime interregional command, between the main avenues of Mariscuola until you reach the command building.  

Breaking ranks, the students moved to the great hall where they attended a conference on the "History of the Navy band" held by 1st lieutenant Mu (Ris) Michele Fiorentino, president of the musical association "M° Giuseppe Manente" .