Navy: Nave Alpino receives a request for assistance off the coast of Cyrenaica

(To Marina Militare)

This morning at dawn, the frigate Alpine of the Navy, engaged in the operation Safe Sea, received the communication via radio from a group of 7 Italian fishing boats, intent on fishing activities in the waters of the Cyrenaica within the area defined by the Interministerial Coordination Committee for the Safety of Transport and Infrastructures "at high risk" (26 nautical miles from the outer limit of Libyan territorial waters), which a rubber dinghy coming from the Cyrenaic coast was heading towards them at high speed.

Promptly the ship reduced the distances with the fishing boats and launched the helicopter on board and its own rubber dinghy into the sea, to provide any assistance.

In relation to the dangerousness of the area, all the fishing boats left the area and the helicopter was kept in flight to ensure that no accidents occurred.

All seven vessels are currently safe and heading north into the central Mediterranean.