Marina Militare: slight fire on board of Libeccio Ship

(To Marina Militare)

Last night, at 01.10, aboard ship Libeccio, moored at the Calderai quay of the Maritime Military Arsenal of La Spezia, the guard personnel during the periodic patrols found smoke at the bow.

The Firefighting Team on board, having worn the personal protective equipment, intervened immediately by locating the source of the smoke in the atrium of the galley and the cold rooms, and carrying out the first intervention with the use of fire extinguishers. The smoke was caused by the slow combustion of a section of insulation, probably due to some welding work carried out in the area yesterday.

Both premises are empty due to maintenance work.

The La Spezia Fire Brigade was also warned that, having arrived on board, they only checked for smoke. On-board personnel and firefighters together provided for the evacuation of the smoke from the room for subsequent checks on the practicability.

The operations ended at 03.30, without any harm to people or things.

Photo: MM archive