Marina Militare and University of Siena together again for the Plastic Buster


The commitment of the Italian Navy is renewed in collaboration with the University of Siena to carry out research on plastic material, as part of the "Plastic Buster" project to combat marine pollution.

Nave Rimini has conducted, in the days 10 and 11 December, environmental investigations in some points identified by the University of Siena (Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment) located near the island of Capraia and in front of the mouth of the Tiber river.

The ship used underwater vehicles of the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) type, thanks to which it filmed the state of the seabed, in particular environmental conditions: at the mouth of the Tiber the river current mixes with the waters of the Tyrrhenian, creating very demanding local conditions for the conduct of vehicles.

In Capraia, on the other hand, the seabed, higher than the 100 meters, was used to test the ROV's capabilities.

The Navy, thanks to the dual connotation of its means, has always been attentive to the protection of the marine environment and in particular to the problems related to the presence of plastics in the sea. In fact, using the various equipment on its own Ships, engaged since last year in this project, the armed force provides environmental data, videos and reproductions of images, constantly and actively contributing to the "Plastic Busters" project.

This project, conducted by the University of Siena on the initiative of the United Nations, aims to put in place all the concrete and necessary actions to establish with certainty the presence of plastic agglomerations and plan, immediately at international level, actions mitigation and reduction of the phenomenon.

Source: Military Navy